Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guide to Choosing Good Coffee Beans

A professional coffee maker is known as a barista. A professional will have lots of experience that will help them decide which beans are suitable. If you are interested in how to make cheap espresso at home, these are the people to ask!

Cuppers are people that know what coffee tastes like, they might be professional tasters or contest judges. These people share the same desire to produce a really nice drink, however the barista is the person who receives the feedback on how certain types of coffee go down.

Around 70 different countries produce coffee, including Africa and the Middle East, to South American and the Caribbean. The plants grow the best along the equator.

Beans from different countries do taste slightly different, this is due to differences in the altitude, environment and temperature. Even different locations in the same country will often produce a different taste.

There are two different types of coffee, including Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica is used most often because it contains less caffeine than Robusta and has a better taste. Arabica coffee is commonly used in very fine blends of coffee.

Coffee trees grow better at higher altitudes. Arabica beans which are grown above 3000 feet are considered as being of very high quality. Arabica beans grown at lower altitudes in Brazil are known as Brazils.

Everybody will prefer a different type of coffee, it's all down to personal preference. It all depends on whether you are willing to roast your own coffee or not. Unroasted beans should be soft and have a fresh Oder.

If you are looking to buy roasted beans then there are a greater number of categories which are available to you. You can buy a light roast beans which are acidic and are highly caffeinated beans.

Medium roast beans are also known as an American roast, these are a little darker and are much more popular. Most of the coffee chains use this type of bean. It's not exactly the best type of coffee in the baristas eyes.

Dark roast also known as City are only normally seen in specialist coffee shops. These have less caffeine and acid. These cups of coffee are not as bitter, they are often a little sweet. Most espressos will use these types of beans.

Another type of roasting technique is the French roast. These are very dark brown beans which have sheen to them. You should make sure you're not just buying burnt beans though! You can check this out by smelling the beans.

The darkest beans available are Italian roast beans. These are used in specialist espressos and are very dark brown beans. These make a very nice cup of tea!

Darker beans will taste sweeter and less acidic. This is due to the sugar in the beans caramelizing while the beans are being roasted. Caffeine is also burnt away during this roasting process which produces a softer cup.

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