Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Different Flavors of Coffee

Exploring the different flavors of coffee is a fun and delicious way to find your perfect cup of coffee! Not only do the natural nuances of coffee vary in taste greatly, but these days you can find hundreds of flavored coffees on the market to test and tease your palate! The first step in the journey of finding your favorite flavor of coffee is to find your favorite roast.

The process of roasting coffee changes the coffee beans from a green color to light shades of brown, or darker to a black shade bean. The darker the roast, the more robust the flavor. Also the longer the bean is roasted, the darker it will become. Finding whether you prefer a light or dark roast is easy to carry out with a little taste testing. Most coffee houses will allow you to try a sample of their different roasts. Also, these days you can find small one pot bags of beans at your local grocery store for taste testing.

Light roasts of coffee such as a cinnamon roast or New England roast will have very subtle flavors. Many times in the lightest roast you will find toasted grain flavors with acidic tones. These are sometimes described as tea-like in nature. This is perfect place to start drinking coffee as you will find the taste to be very light.

Next up are the medium roasts such as American and city roast. These are the most popular roasts of coffee in the United States. You will find the medium range of beans have nice, mild character and flavor to them. If you are going to diner or cafe, this is probably what they will serve you.

Finally, you will find the dark roasts such as French, Spanish and Italian roast. These roasts are known for their bittersweet flavors and burnt tones. You will find that all espresso is made from very dark roasts, typically Italian roast. These are hearty and robust and I find perfect for the colder months of the year. Personally, I prefer a dark roast for the bittersweet notes and the full body to them.

Next is the world of flavored coffees. This is a great way to try some coffee while having some added sweetness. Some of the most popular flavored offerings include: French vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and cinnamon. However, these days you will find just about any flavor including French silk pie, German chocolate cake and even Hawaiian macadamia nut!

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